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Faith-Based Treatment Programs in Nevada

Several faith-based treatment programs in Nevada cater to Christians and other people of faith who are suffering addiction and want a treatment program that recognizes the importance of a higher power and religious beliefs.

Drug and alcohol abuse is widespread in Nevada, with more deaths as a consequence of drug use than deaths from firearms or motor vehicle crashes. The drug overdose death rate in Nevada was the fourth highest in the country in 2015 with 22.4 deaths per 100,000 population. The faith-based treatment programs in Nevada have arisen in the state to cope with the problem.

Addiction treatment programs for Christians and people of other religious faiths vary widely in their standards of accommodation, services offered, length of treatment programs, and a host of other variables. Almost the only thing they hold in common is a belief that addiction is not just a disease of the body, but is the result of a wounded or broken spirit.

The Role of Faith in Addiction Treatment

Faith-based treatment programs in Nevada all share the view that faith has an important role to play in recovery from addiction, and if the faith can be strengthened the chances of achieving a full recovery are improved. The same therapies available from secular rehabs are usually available in faith-based rehabs, but in the latter study of scripture and prayer are viewed as being of the same or greater importance because without faith being strengthened the root cause of addiction remains.

Strengthening faith through prayer, meditation, and religious studies helps recovering addicts to remember that God loves them and offers forgiveness, and this can remove the sense of shame and guilt often associated with addiction. Patients are helped to understand that their addiction is their body’s way of dealing with a damaged or broken spirit.

Who Can Benefit from Faith Based Programs?

Faith-based treatment programs in Nevada have extra advantages for people of faith since they automatically help patients build a support network of like-minded people to encourage and help them in their recovery. Faith centered treatment facilities often have links to a church or faith community, and in many cases, patients in recovery are invited to join the community or church after completing their treatment.

Twelve Step Programs

One of the best-known faith-based treatment programs in Nevada is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which was the first, and is now one of many 12 step programs, so called because they follow a set of 12 well-defined steps. The 12 step groups are not specifically Christian. They are open to people of any faith, since members are free to define Higher Power in any way that makes sense for them. Members are encouraged to rely on the Higher Power and admit they are powerless to beat the addiction without prayer and spiritual guidance and help. Placing reliance and trust in a Higher Power is, for many, both comforting and empowering.

Faith-Based Aftercare Support

After intensive and often lengthy addiction treatment in one of the faith-based treatment programs in Nevada, patients are encouraged to continue their spiritual journey through daily prayer, meditation, and study of the scriptures. They are also encouraged to remain in contact with the support network they built during the treatment period. Membership of a suitable 12 step group is also highly recommended to newly recovered people as relapse remains a constant danger after the initial recovery period. Branches of AA exist in most towns and cities in Nevada, and there are meetings of Narcotics Anonymous in every region in the state. Cocaine Anonymous holds meetings in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City.

To discuss any questions or concerns about faith-based treatment programs in Nevada, speak to an addiction specialist. Professionals are ready to help.