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SMART Recovery in Nevada
SMART Recovery in Nevada

With the many resources available for addiction treatment, your plan for recovery can be tailored to your unique needs by using programs that best suit you. Regardless of the type of substance that you are dependent on or how long you have been using, the specialist and drug and alcohol treatment centers Nevada can help. The key is to find the right program to give you the tools you need to succeed at recovery. For many patients, 12-step faith based programs provide the needed support in reccovery, but not everyone benefits from services such as these. SMART Recovery in Nevada is also valuable option to consider, especially if it would benefit your recovery journey to have treatment programs that put less focus on faith an religion.

What is SMART Recovery

One option is the SMART Recovery in Nevada program. It’s a fairly new program that has only been in existence a short time compared to other treatment options. However, in the short time it’s been used, this program has proven to be effective treating all kinds of addictions.

The focus of this program includes four specific areas, which include:

  • Building motivation
  • Coping with urges
  • Problem solving
  • Lifestyle balance

Stages of SMART Recovery in Nevada

The SMART Recovery in Nevada program has six stages that the person must go through for completion. Each stage is essential and may not be skipped or done out of order. The person is required to do certain activities in each stage.

  • Pre-contemplation – the first stage when the person doesn’t realize or admit to an addiction problem
  • Contemplation – the second stage when the person knows a problem exists but is unsure whether they want to seek treatment
  • Determination – the third stage is when actual change takes place and the person creates a plan
  • Action – the person uses new methods of dealing with addiction learned in treatment
  • Maintenance – the fifth stage which is where the person works to maintain the changes they have accomplished
  • Graduation – in the sixth and final stage, the person is ready to leave the program

Even though this program is effective, it doesn’t mean the person never relapses. However, relapse is treated as a learning opportunity to help prevent it in the future. The person picks up in the stage they were working on when the relapse occurred. They study the causes of the relapse and develop plans to prevent a similar issue.

What Does the Treatment Program Entail?

Within SMART Recovery in Nevada, you’ll find several treatment options. They are designed to work on specific aspects of the program. For example, in the second stage, when the person is contemplating whether they want to seek treatment or not, they may do a cost/benefit analysis. They will weigh the benefits of addiction with the way it costs them.

Treatment is not just for the individual, but also for the members of his or her family. They may attend the Family & Friends program to help them deal with their own issues as a result of addiction. It may also prepare them to help the addict.

Find Programs for SMART Recovery in Nevada Today

One of the benefits of the program is that it offers more options than many others. You can not only find programs in many of the Nevada treatment centers, but you can also go through the treatment plan online. This allows the person who doesn’t want other people to know about their addiction to receive help. They can also go to work or meet other obligations while going through treatment.

This program may be used alone or along with other treatments. It’s often found as an option in residential treatment centers and may also be used for outpatient care. It can be used in conjunction with 12-step programs as well.

If you or a loved one have an addiction, consider SMART Recovery in Nevada. You may have tried other treatment programs which weren’t successful, but don’t give up. No matter how difficult it is to break the pattern of addiction, you can succeed with the right program.