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Sober Living in Nevada

For some patients in addiction treatment, an extended period of care and further support is needed before making the transition back to everyday life and independent living. It is common and normal for patients to feel as though they are not fully prepared to return to society and live on their own right away. In instances such as this, a valuable option for patients to consider is moving into a sober living program following their stay in rehab. Homes for sober living in Nevada give people in recovery from addiction the support and structure needed to slowly adjust to the real world, rather than having to fully commit to living independently immediately after treatment.

Understanding Sober Living Programs

Sober living in Nevada is a program that offers housing in a drug- and alcohol-free community for people in recovery looking to make a smooth and facilitated transition from a rehab facility to life on their own in the real world. Some of these facilities are associated with drug and treatment centers in Nevada while others are privately owned by non-profit groups or other organizations. As many as 10, 15 or more people may live in one facility at any given time.

These homes may be single-family residences or they may be multi-family housing units. They are generally located in residential neighborhoods in quiet communities. Each person has a bedroom they will share with at least one other person or maybe several. In addition, they have common living spaces, such as the kitchen, living room and bathroom used by everyone in the household.

Each person is given a responsibility for keeping the residence running smoothly. They must also pay rent to continue to stay there and provide their own food. These homes are more flexible than other living situations for people just re-entering society after addiction. Many of them don’t require a security deposit and the person may be able to wait to make their first payment after receiving their first paycheck from a new job.

Everyone who lives in these facilities must have a job or be actively seeking one. The other option is for them to be enrolled in school, but they must still be able to pay their own way.

What Does Sober Living in Nevada Entail?

Sober living in Nevada incorporates similar, if not the same, rules and regulations of most other drug-free living communities in the United States. Rules are in place to ensure a safe environment for everyone. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises. Even products with a high alcohol content are banned, such as mouthwash or cough medicine. Anyone in violation may be required to leave.

Fighting is also prohibited along with stalking or harassment of other tenants. Strict curfew is enforced unless the person has a job during those hours. Disciplinary action for violation of rules can range from paying a big fine to eviction.

Therapy may be provided on-site for addiction aftercare or the people may attend ongoing treatment elsewhere, but it’s generally required for the person to continue staying there. This helps the person maintain recovery as they transition back to a normal life.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Besides providing a place to live, these homes offer support for the recovering addict. They live with other people who understand what they’ve gone through. Each person offers support to the other residents, and some may even serve as mentors for new residents.

While the rules seem strict, many addicts appreciate the structure. They have grown accustomed to it in treatment and it helps them learn how to develop routines and accept responsibility.

People can progress at their own rate in sober living homes in Nevada. They have no deadline for when they must find other housing as long as they obey the rules and pay the rent. While studies show that many addicts leave within a year, they aren’t obligated to do so.

Finding the Right Nevada Sober Living House

If you are nearing the end of drug addiction treatment or have a loved one in treatment right now, you may want to consider one of these homes for the next phase of treatment. Sober living homes in Nevada can provide the support needed to help the person adapt to life after addiction in the real world.